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Published: 7/1/2024

Cyber360 July - Enhancing financial security

by Training & Awareness Team

How to keep your online financial activities safe and secure

Tips for online financial security

This month, Cyber360 at CMS is focused on financial security. As we move more of our financial lives online, from banking to investing, the need for strong cybersecurity has never been greater. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and your finances.

Tap payments: A smarter way to pay

One of the best security upgrades in recent years is the tap-to-pay feature on credit and debit cards. When you tap your card on a reader, it uses a special type of technology to create a unique code for that transaction. This means even if someone could grab that code, they can't use it again, making it a safer way to pay.

Biometrics: Your body as your password

Using your fingerprint or face to verify your identity is becoming more common, especially on our phones. This method, known as biometrics, is much safer than a password that someone else could guess or steal. Just make sure the company handling your biometrics protects it well.

Guarding against identity theft and scams

Identity theft and scams are serious threats. Protect yourself by keeping an eye on your bank statements and setting up alerts for unusual activities. It’s also important to use strong passwords—think long and unique phrases. And always double-check any investment opportunities to make sure they’re legitimate.

Safe and secure financial access

Choosing the right bank or financial service that takes security seriously is crucial. Always access your financial accounts from home or other secure networks, avoid using public Wi-Fi, and be sure to log out after each session to keep your accounts safe.

Online shopping safety

As online shopping becomes routine, it's vital to ensure your transactions are secure. Shop only on reputable websites, use secure networks, and be mindful of the information you share online. Using credit cards or secure payment services adds an extra layer of fraud protection.


Staying safe online doesn’t have to be complicated. By using safer payment methods like tap-to-pay, securing your accounts with biometrics, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, choosing secure platforms for online shopping, and being smart about where and how you access your accounts, you can protect your money in the digital age. Enjoy the convenience of online finances without the worry!

About Cyber360

Cybersecurity is more important than ever in today's world of digital and technological advancements. To meet this critical need, the Information Security and Privacy Group at CMS is excited to present the Cyber360 event series. This series, running from April through October 2024, is designed to cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics; each month focusing on a different theme to ensure participants gain a comprehensive understanding of digital safety. Learn more about Cyber360 here.

Get ready for CyberWorks!

Remember to join us at the CyberWorks event on October 15th, 2024! This event will be a fantastic opportunity for families to learn more about cybersecurity, engage with experts, and discover the latest trends and strategies to keep their digital homes safe. Join our CMS Slack channel #CyberWorks2024 for updates.

More resources

For a complete overview of training opportunities and best practices for keeping data and systems safe at CMS, check out the CMS Information Security and Privacy Training Handbook.

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The Training and Awareness Team works to build a more resilient and knowledgeable cybersecurity workforce at CMS by connecting people to helpful information and training opportunities.