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Published: 4/2/2024

Cyber360: An online event series to help you stay cyber secure

by Training & Awareness Team

From April - October, a series of events is open to everyone at CMS to improve digital safety at work and beyond

What is Cyber360?

In an era dominated by digital advancements, the importance of cybersecurity has skyrocketed. To meet this critical need, the Information Security and Privacy Group is excited to present the Cyber360 event series. This series, running from April through October, is designed to cover a wide range of cybersecurity topics; each month focusing on a different theme to ensure participants gain a comprehensive understanding of digital safety.

What to expect from Cyber360

April: Staying safe online 

The series kicks off with a focus on staying safe online.

May: Navigating cybersecurity as a family

Attention shifts to family cybersecurity, offering strategies to safeguard families against online threats and ensuring a safe digital home environment.

June: Secure online communities

The series explores community cybersecurity, teaching how to secure online community spaces and maintain trust and safety for all members.

July: Keeping financial information safe

Financial cybersecurity takes the stage, with insights on protecting financial information in the age of online banking and digital transactions.

August: Safety for online hobbies

For hobbyists, this month covers how to safely engage in online hobbies, from gaming to blogging, protecting digital assets and personal information.

September: Individual cybersecurity and responsibility

A personal focus on individual cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of securing one's digital footprint and personal data online.

October: CyberWorks!

The series culminates with the CyberWorks event, a hybrid finale on October 15, hosted both in-person and virtually. This event promises a deep dive into the latest cybersecurity trends, strategies, and insights.

Why attend CyberWorks?

CyberWorks is the grand finale of the Cyber360 series, where education meets excitement. This event is your chance to dive into the latest in cybersecurity, interact with various vendors, and hear from inspirational keynote speakers. It's a perfect mix of learning and fun; designed for everyone from professionals to enthusiasts eager to enhance their digital safety.

Mark your calendars for October 15th for an unforgettable day that brings together knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm in a dynamic hybrid format. We're excited to see you there for a memorable experience of networking and discovery. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect and grow in the world of cybersecurity! 

For more information, visit the CyberWorks page here and join our CMS Slack channel #Cyberworks2024.


About the publisher:

The Training and Awareness Team works to build a more resilient and knowledgeable cybersecurity workforce at CMS by connecting people to helpful information and training opportunities.