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Published: 5/9/2024

CFACTS Cloud Migration Update: Sneak Peek

by CFACTS Team

Get a first look at the new cloud environment at CFACTS-Cloud

The ​​CFACTS application is migrating to AWSCloud for better performance and efficiency. The updated system is known as CFACTS-Cloud. We will be posting updates regularly to help you navigate this transition. 

You can now explore CFACTS-Cloud, preview new enhancements, and test new features. 

How to Access the IMP Environment  

In software development, the Implementation environment is used for user acceptance testing. In the case of CFACTS, it is also used for training. See steps below.

Step 1: Obtain proper job code 

Prior to accessing CFACTS-Cloud, you must have the proper job code in EUA. Your prior CFACTS job code may have already been migrated to the new job codes. Check in EUA to verify. See job code below if you need to request. 

CFACTS_USER_IMP: When you request this code, use the justification “To perform UAT and for training”. 

Step 2: Navigate to CFACTS-Cloud Impl via URL or IDM 

Use the following URL to access the IMPL environment. We recommend bookmarking this link:  

Optionally, you can access via IDM at If you don’t have an EUA account, you can use your PIV card or CAC credentials.  

Step 3: Entering your EUA credentials at the Windows Security Pop-Up 

You may be prompted for a username and password via a Windows Security pop-up or via the browser. 


Authenticating via Windows Security 

If a windows prompt pops up, your password is the same as your EUA. The username is the same as your EUA but uses the awscloud domain.  

Your username would be: awscloud\(Your EUA Username) 

Note: You cannot use your PIV card to access the page. If you only have the PIV option, select “More Choices” then “Use a different account”. Enter in your EUA credentials.


Authenticating via Browser 

If you are prompted for a username and password via a browser pop-up, your username and password is the same as your EUA. 

Step 4: Explore, test, and train using the new CFACTS-Cloud Impl 

Now that you’ve been authenticated, you can explore the application on your own, test new enhancements by the CFACTS development team, or use for testing on your own. You can also use this environment for training. We have on demand How-To videos as well as instructor-led classes. See CFACTS Resources below. 

Who to contact 

You can post questions or comments on the #cfacts-community channel in CMS Slack or request support by using the CFACTS support portal

CFACTS resources 

About the publisher:

The CMS FISMA Continuous Tracking System (CFACTS) is the database used to track system security and support the system authorization process. The CFACTS Team works on improvements to the platform and helps people use it effectively.