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Published: 6/7/2024

Smart Planning with SIGNAL: Duplicate Intake Forms for Next Year's Assessment

by SIGNAL Team

We're delighted to introduce the ability to duplicate existing intake forms to make the assessment request process even easier.

As we enter the next year of fulfilling your system assessment requirements, we're delighted to introduce a new feature on SIGNAL to make this process as efficient as possible: the ability to duplicate a submitted or completed intake form to initiate your next request.

When initiating new requests, you now have the option to choose a previously submitted or completed form to duplicate. All pertinent information will be automatically copied into a new intake form that you can edit as needed, removing the need to start from scratch.

Through this enhancement, we are excited to make it easier than ever to request assessments on SIGNAL.

How to use the duplicate feature

There are two ways of duplicating a completed or submitted form:

Method 1: Duplicate your form from the ellipsis menu

  1. Go to either Completed or Submitted Tab
  2. Find the form you want to duplicate
  3. Select the ellipsis menu
  4. Click Duplicate

Method 2: Duplicate an existing form through the create request button

  1. Click on “Create New Request”
  2. Click on “Create from an existing form”
  3. Follow the steps and click “Create”


If you have any questions on how to use this new functionality, you can access our User Guide on Confluence. If you have any further questions, you can reach us via email ( or via our Slack help desk (#signal-application-servicedesk).

If you are interested in learning more about SIGNAL and how we could potentially help your team, please reach out to us via the email address above.

About the publisher:

SIGNAL is a scheduling tool for ISPG’s core security and privacy services. SIGNAL captures cybersecurity and compliance scheduling activities on a user-friendly interface for CMS users throughout the enterprise. The SIGNAL team constantly works to improve the app, and is available to help you with any questions or concerns.