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Published: 6/6/2024

The Next Chapter in Scheduling & Security with SIGNAL: Penetration Testing

by SIGNAL Team

We are very excited to announce our new functionality on SIGNAL, where users can schedule and manage engagements with the Penetration Testing team.

We are very excited to announce the next major release on SIGNAL: scheduling and managing engagements with the Penetration Testing team. Through this functionality, system teams can now request Penetration Testing engagements via a streamlined intake form and manage engagements and findings via individual system dashboards.

The Penetration Testing team joins the CSRAP team as the next team to streamline their scheduling and engagement services on SIGNAL. This new functionality will include a full suite of features for the ISPG community, including...

A streamlined, efficient intake process

Users can now request engagements with the Penetration Testing team via a simple, streamlined intake form. Through the form, users can provide all the information necessary for the Penetration Testing team to initiate an engagement to get their systems assessed.

All-new, extensive dashboard with detailed finding reports

Not only will users be able to request engagements with the Penetration Testing team on SIGNAL – they will also be able to manage their engagements via individual system dashboards.

Through these dashboards, the Penetration Testing team can report their findings with detailed notes and attachments and re-test findings once addressed by system teams. Users will be able to manage their Penetration Testing engagements and see the details of their findings entirely in SIGNAL, without ever having to leave the application.

What’s next?

As a user-driven application, SIGNAL is always intaking feedback and ideas from our users to improve the application. Keep an eye out for future release notes on Cybergeek for changes to the Penetration Testing functionality and overal SIGNAL application to come!

Additionally, now that we have onboarded the Penetration Testing team onto SIGNAL, we will be engaging with our next customer: the Privacy Group. We are excited to work on bringing the ability to request, initiate and manage consultations with the Privacy Group to SIGNAL!


If you have any questions on how to use this new functionality, you can access our User Guide on Confluence. If you have any further questions, you can reach us via email ( or via our Slack help desk (#signal-application-servicedesk).

If you are interested in learning more about SIGNAL and how we could potentially help your team, please reach out to us via the email address above.

About the publisher:

SIGNAL is a scheduling tool for ISPG’s core security and privacy services. SIGNAL captures cybersecurity and compliance scheduling activities on a user-friendly interface for CMS users throughout the enterprise. The SIGNAL team constantly works to improve the app, and is available to help you with any questions or concerns.